Drone Firmware Flasher

With DRONE FIRMWARE FLASHER your FPV quad will be always up to date. You can update it any time, anywhere without PC and race or fly acro. All you need is your phone and USB OTG cable.

The app is free on the Play store for Android, it's extremely useful for those that don't have access to a PC or a Laptop. There is a premium cost of around $5.99, when purchased it allows you to access expert mode, save dumps ETC and flash the latest two new releases of the boards versions. 

- update the firmware
- make full backup of the firmware
- restore full backup
- save/restore settings dump

Supported flight controller software:

Tested with F1, F3, F4 and F7 flight controllers

CC3D is supported but not through main usb. You have to use external usb to serial adapter.

Requires USB host support and and USB OTG cable.
Flashing is only possible through USB OTG cable. Bluetooth is not supported.

OTG cables can be purchased here

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