Travelling with LiPos

Travelling with LiPos

Travelling with LiPos is often a scary first time for anyone heading to international or even domestic events. No need to worry, it’s easy!

First of all, do NOT leave any lithium batteries (polymer or ion) in your checked luggage. Bad plan. All batteries should be in your carry-on luggage like a backpack or small bag. Put some electrical tape or 3D printed covers around every connection on your batteries, (XT** and Balance).

Keep them in a Lipo-Safe bag. any brand, it doesn’t matter.

Check your Watt-hour of your batteries and check your airlines rule on what amount you can take. If you have too many you’ll have to leave some gorgeous juice behind! Use the links below...




So now that you've read up you are okay to go through.

When you go through security pull the LiPo bag out of your drone bag and empty it in the tray seperate to your drone bag, when you go through the scanner if it comes up red and flashes on their system never fear because you've read this blog. I normally just overload them with information and I'm good to go.

If you have followed the steps correctly, you’ll be pushed through and board your plane! Have a great time at your event!

 Written by Josh Brewster 

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