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Written by Grant Mayo (Flux)

How innovative is this ?!!

Speedy Bee App

You can now do all your Betaflight setup and configuration on your smartphone!! don't have a spare UART or space on your build to install a Bluetooth module? Meet the SpeedyBee Bluetooth Dongle.
The speedy bee dongle is a great accessory for out in the field or just at home when you don't feel like setting up the laptop.

The easily downloadable and accessible app is not only user-friendly to navigate but also gives you complete access to the Betaflight configuration program. The advanced menu covers everything from rpm filtering, OSD adjustment and the CLI command TAB which is great for out in the field when you can't access a laptop.

However great this piece of tech is, it is still unable to let us access the BLheli and BLheli32 app on your smartphone via Bluetooth in which an OTG cable is required to link the micro USB on your device to the micro USB on the flight controller. These can be found in the shop by following the link 👇

As much as this device can do there's still one thing it can't yet do and that's flash firmware, but the way our hobby is progressing and with the direction that the Betaflight tech is heading this may be one day possible. So to sum it up.. personally the Speedybee Bluetooth Dongle has been a great, handy little accessory to have with me whenever I fly and build. From doing a complete fresh setup on a new build or trying to figure out where that weird twitch is coming from while your out in the field this little rig has U covered

Android Download

Apple Download

BLHeli32 app

Just like the Speedybee app it's easy to download and navigate, simply connect your phone using an OTG cable from your micro USB port on your FC. remember to power on your flight controller and ESCs before connecting and opening the app or it won't register them and you'll have to start this process over.

Been out in the field and needed to swap out motor, then to have it turning the wrong direction..? Well that's what's so great about this app, no resoldering wires or swapping pads etc because with the click of a button you can now change motor direction, calibrate and fault find any sort of issues that could arise out in the field instead of back at home on the bench

Android Download

Apple Not available hahaha

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