Name: Mitch

Pilot Name: Arbee Aerials

How did you get into FPV drones: A workmate showed me some old tiny whoop videos of his. I went straight out and bought myself a Ready to Fly Tinyhawk kit. I was instantly hooked!

What civilian club do you race with: Other than sims, I’m currently not in the racing scene.

Currently flying: Freestyle: Source One V3, and ImpulseRC Apex Cinematic: Foxeer Aura, and ImpulseRC ApexDC

Indoors: GEPRC Cinebot30/CineLog35P, and Shendrones Squirt Cinelifter: Shendrones Thicc How long have you been flying FPV drones for: Started flying in the depths of Melbourne Covid lockdown! So currently, just under 3 years.

Tips for those getting into FPV: Ask questions. It’s a very welcoming community, and pilots are almost always happy to give tips and help you learn. Also, be prepared to watch a lot of YouTube videos. Like, a stupid amount.

Achievements: 2x GoPro Awards. Live Broadcast FPV for RedBullTV, and for SBS. Pre-recorded FPV shots have been featured on Channel 10, and the ABC.


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