Name: Wilfie Harvey

Pilot Name: Wilf

 How did you get into FPV Racing/Freestyle: I had been obsessed with things that fly since a very young age and got into rc planes when I was 8 years old, but I was too scared to fly them because it was the most expensive thing I had ever bought 🤣, so I gave RC a break and got into photography, I ended up buying a DJI mini 2 which made me obsessed with drones, I wanted more so I did some re-search and heard about FPV for the cinematic side, I bought my first FPV drone (March 2022) and was instantly addicted, I got into to freestyle and then decided to attend my first race meet at FPV Rebels (July 2022) and then got my first race quad in late august after Aussie Nats 2022.

 What club do you race with: FPV Rebels

 Currently flying: Redux Air Raven Pro (frame) T-Motor F60 PRO V 2020kv (motors) T-Motor F60a (esc) T-Motor F722 Race Mini (FC) TBS Unify Pro Nano v1.0 (vtx) FOXEER Express LRS (receiver) FOXEER Predator 5 nano (camera) Ovonic 1400 MAH 6s 130c (Lipo)

 Tips for those getting into FPV: Take it easy and enjoy it, Find a local club or other pilots who can push you/help you through out your FPV journey.

 Achievements: I got my first sponsor in early March 2023 (GEMFAN) and within 2 weeks after that I had gained a T-Motor sponsorship, Foxeer Sponsorship and Ovonic sponsorship as well as Rising Sun FPV.


 Facebook: Wilf Harvey | Facebook

 Insta: Wilf FPV (@_iamwilf_) • Instagram photos and videos

 TikTok: WilfAU (@wilffau) | TikTok

 YouTube: Wilf FPV - YouTube

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