Name: Aditya 'Adi' Wardhana

Pilot Name: neo3

How did you get into FPV:

started with FPV'ing RC trucks and drift cars! then a neighbour showed me a drone race video, been hooked into racing since then, always carrying enough spares in the bag to make a new quad in the field.

What civilian club do you race with:

FPVRebels, FPVR Next Level, SEQ FPV

Currently flying:

Floss v3, AstroX SL5, ImpulseRC Rever, Apex

How long have you been flying FPV drones for:

5 years

Tips for those getting into FPV:

Start with simulators and tinywhoops. Buy local especially with your first drone so you have support and can get spares quickly.

1st place FPVRebels/LARCS/Wildquadz race
semifinals AU Drone Nationals 2016
having a pilotname of neo3 seems to have cursed me to 3rd place on most races since then!


Australian X Class 2023 Season Race Results

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