Name: Daniel Harley

Pilot Name: Phoenix FPV

How did you get into FPV: I first started getting into FPV from flying the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone for a football team as a volunteer, recording their training sessions to be used as feedback for the players.

What civilian club do you race with: Townsville FPVR

Currently flying: 3 x ImpulseRC Helix ZX5 all custom built from Matek FC’s, Spedix ESC’s, and Caddix Cameras, and Xnova Motors.

How long have you been flying FPV drones for: Started at the end of 2018

Tips for those getting into FPV: If you want to get into FPV, I started out in buying a decent controller (I bought the Taranis X-Lite S) and using that in a simulator and experimenting with different flying modes and presets for different drones, as well as experimenting with PID’s and Rates.

Achievements: Podium wins at Townsville FPVR


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