How I got into fpv.

I was always heavy into dirtbikes and cars, anything fast that would get the guts goin. Had a mate show me an fpv drift chase vid by steele on YouTube. I couldn't believe a drone could do such a thing and from that one fpv video I was hooked. I'd seen other standard drones before but nothing like the things these 5inch minikwads could do. Pretty cool concept doing a hundred a fifty k's while sitting inside a set of goggles.. that's what had me..

Current setup. Freestyle
impulse reverb, mamba f405 MK2 fc 40amp Diatone stack, Quadracer 2207 2688kv, TBS unify pro32HV, caddx Ratel 2.1. Kero 1600 4s

Banshee Gojira V1, PyroDrone F4 V2 45amp 6s power stack, quadracer 2207 1778kv, TBS unify 5G8hv, caddx Ratel 2.1, Kero 1000 6s

Townsville fpvr

Been flying since December 2018

Placed 2nd in winter season fpvrorg.

Tips for someone getting into the hobby;

Buy quality gear from a REPUTABLE supplier, you'll be heaps more comfortable behind the goggles when you know you can count on the components you have in your build, you can't put a price on reliability.
Practice and practice till it all feels natural on the sticks..and remember the more you push yourself out of that comfort zone the more your flying will improve

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