Name: Jay Bellwood


Pilot Name: jaybfotography/jacuzzi jay


How did you get into FPV: It was a warm summers morning back in 2013, young jacuzzi jay went to a car event that had rolled through town. Eager to see some slammed Holden Barinas, the jacuzzi was taken aback by the sight of a quadcopter doing double backflips and huge barrel rolls. From which a downward spiral of Flite Test and Metal Danny inspiration videos ushered in a love for the mind-boggling speed and intricacy of FPV mini-quads.


What civilian club do you race with: Canberra Multirotor Racing Club CMRC.


Currently flying:

Racing Setup

Frame: ScottMode v69 (designed and manufactured by local pilot Beatdown) & B-line Sendstorm lite

Motors: T-Motor F60 Pro 4 1950kv / T-Motor BMS Raptor 2700kv

FC: Talon Fusion 20x20

ESC: Talon Gigawatt 20x20

VTX: TBS Unify Nano

Camera: Foxeer predator v4 micro/Nano

Props: HQ R38 Heads-up FPV


Freestyle/Filming setup

Frame: ‘the jacuzzi’ by ScottMode

Motors: T-Motor Blackbird 2800kv

FC: Foxeer f722 v2 30x30

ESC: Spedix gs45a 30x30

VTX: TBS Unify Pro 5v

Camera: Foxeer Falkor mini

Props: HQ V2s 5x4.3x3


How long have you been flying FPV drones for:

The FPV side of mini-quads started for jacuzzi jay back in late 2014, so give it 6 and a bit years.


Tips for beginners:

Get amongst it and get social! All the mates I’ve made through this hobby have been through some sort of social media connection. Find the local Facebook group for mini-quads in your area and reach out, see if there’s a race club somewhere near you and go have a chat. Back when I started I knew quite literally no one who flew FPV apart from a few old dudes flying model planes at the oval each Saturday morning. Now it’s so easy and there’s surely gotta be someone around town who’s plugged in an xt-60 before.






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