Name: Riley Woods

Pilot Name: Woodsy

How did you get into FPV: I used to fly a phantom 3 standard which I thought was the coolest thing ever until I saw these guys ripping these drones around an obstacle course. I bought a Wizard x220 within the next two weeks and have rarely touched the phantom since.

What civilian club do you race with: Darwin Model Flying Club

Currently flying: Racing: I'm using an ImpulseRC JS-1, Brainfpv Radix, TBS Unify32 nano, T-Motor BMS Racing 2207 2700kv Raptor Series, Aikon AK32 55A AIO ESC, Foxeer Nano Predator 4 and T-Motor T5147 props.
Freestyle: I’m using an Alien 6 inch, JB F4, AKK Race VTX, DYS Samguk Series Wu 2206 2400kv, SPEDIX ES30 HV, Foxeer HS1177 and HQ Prop 6x4x3 prop.

How long have you been flying FPV drones for: Since January 2017

Tips for those getting into FPV: For those getting into FPV I would recommend reaching out to a nearby club so you can get a feel for what the hobby feels like as well as they will be able to help you buy the right parts and even help build your own drone. I would buy a mid-tier drone something that have value components, as they aren’t cheap nor expensive, just in the middle. I would also recommend the simulator as it the cheapest way to fly FPV drones without physical crashing it your drone. Don’t worry if your crash a lot at the start. We were all like that at some point!

• 1st Northern Territory Pilot to compete at the Australian Drone Nationals
• 1st Australian Army Cadet to be in the Australian Army Drone Racing Team



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